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7 Excellent Ways to Customize Your RV’s Interior


7 Excellent Ways to Customize Your RV’s Interior

7 Excellent Ways to Customize Your RVs Interior 

Your RV is your home away from home while camping – time to make it your own with these 7 excellent ways to customize your RV’s interior.

1. Upgrade your Kitchen Counters and Walls

The first thing you see when you walk through the door of most RVs is the kitchen. That makes it the ideal place to start customizing your RV’s interior.
Your kitchen counters can be replaced with wooden butcher blocks for a fresh, natural look. Consider sprucing up your backsplash with some simple stick-on tile to hide the plain RV wall. For an added touch of personalization, use dish towels and appliance covers to make the kitchen your own.

2. Personalize the Bedroom with Relaxing Colors

A good night’s sleep is very important while camping. Think about what will make you feel the most relaxed while sleeping, and incorporate that in your RV’s bedroom. You should consider replacing the mattress with something more comfortable.
In addition, variations of blues and greens are the most calming color schemes to incorporate in your bedroom. Use these colors in your bedding and wall paint. This color scheme will enhance your sleep and relaxation while camping.

3. Renovate the Bathroom for Cleanliness and Attractiveness

Whether you are buying a used RV or doing an RV trade-in, you should consider renovating the bathroom. First, this will get rid of any mold and bacteria that has built up in that small, damp space. Second, it will make the bathroom more attractive.
A touch of paint can help lighten up the small area, while stick-on backsplashes will give the room more texture and personality. A toilet seat cover and small bath rug will add a splash of color to finish the look.


4. Switch Up the Furniture

Just because you bought an RV with furniture, doesn’t mean you have to keep that furniture. Feel free to take out the original and replace it with something you will enjoy looking at and using.
Think of maximizing your space when switching out seating and tables. You can build or buy furniture with extra storage areas that will help free up space around your RV.


5. Decorate the Walls and Ceiling

Create a unique look with a combination of wood paneling, wallpaper, and paint on your walls. Add to this look through stick-on decals and small pictures that are fastened securely on your wall. Your ceiling can also be customized with wood paneling or a coat of paint. 
6. Change Up the Lighting for Extra Ambience
Don’t underestimate the power of light. If you find your RV is not well lit, invest in a new lighting fixture – or add to what is already in your RV. A string of lights can be fastened around the ceiling to create a fun ambiance for your next family camping trip.
7. Add Small Decor Items to Personalize Your Space
The easiest way to customize your RV is to add a few personalized decor items to your space. These can be anything from pictures and plants to throw pillows and blankets. Keep in mind that smaller items will be easier to store and less likely to get disrupted during travel.

Make Your RV Your Own

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