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Accessories You Need for an RV Road Trip


Accessories You Need for an RV Road Trip

Accessories You Need for an RV Road Trip

RVs come packed with equipment designed to make your next vacation fun and memorable. Here are a few accessories you need for an RV road trip that will add more comfort and reliability.

Navigational Tools for Finding Your Way Around

For a fun family camping experience, you first have to find your campsite. Reliable navigational tools help to avoid unnecessary detours along the way that may keep you from enjoying the perks of your family campground.
A GPS device uses a satellite connection versus a smartphone that relies on cellphone coverage. If you are traveling remotely, you may not have a consistent connection and will need a satellite connection to find your way around. Packing a satellite phone for communication in case of an emergency is also a smart accessory for any trip.

Power Accessories to Keep Your Electronics Working

From lights to electronic devices, your RV is filled with appliances that use power. There are a few basic power accessories that can help those devices run smoothly all through your vacation.
Even though your RV comes with a built-in generator, you should look into buying a second generator to avoid overloading the first generator. A second generator also offers a backup option if the first generator fails at any point during your trip.
Whether you have a lot of electronics or just a handful, purchase a surge protector to prevent any power outages during your trip.

Water and Sewage Hoses and Supporting Accessories

Water is necessary for many of your RV’s utilities, from your shower and toilet to your kitchen sink. Keeping a steady flow of clean and reliable water is as easy as bringing along reliable water and sewage equipment.
You’ll need several hoses for your RV. A long 25’-50’ hose will connect you to most water sources at campsites. You will want a secondary sewage hose as well for eliminating all your waste.

Safety Wear for Cleaning and Repairs

Your RV will need regular maintenance and cleaning throughout your trip to keep it in top shape. Bringing along safety wear for when you perform maintenance will help prevent accidents.
This includes gloves and protective eyewear, which can be worn while performing maintenance or emptying the sewage. You will also want to think through possible repairs your RV may need and bring the tools and extra parts necessary to perform those repairs.

Missing Equipment That is Usually Standard

RVs come equipped with a standard list of accessories. If you are buying a used RV or a trade-in, your RV may not have all the basics. The good news is you can buy most of these accessories separately and add them to your RV.
Check your RV for filters, spare parts, generators, and any other necessary feature it may be missing, then purchase what is needed.

Find the Accessories You Need for Your Next RV Road Trip

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