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Camping with Kids 101: What You Need to Know


Camping with Kids 101: What You Need to Know


How to Prepare Your First Camping Trip with Your Kids

If you’re a new camper or a new parent, then just the thought of camping with your kids is daunting. You have to pack adequately for emergencies, your sleep pattern may change, and you may have to work with limited supplies and amenities.

But even with these challenges, a family camping trip can be a good way to break the monotony of your daily routine and get away from the avalanche of after-school activities.



6 Genius Tips for Camping with Kids

Want a stress-free camping experience with kids? Check out these awesome tips:


1. Choose Your Camping Location Wisely

Before having kids, your idea of camping was probably going to the remotest place you could find and just be one with nature. But it’s an entirely different story when you have kids. You’ll need to choose family campgrounds with adequate water, clean bathroom trumps, and safe playgrounds. It should also not be near main roads, water bodies, or deep woods. Ensure you have eyes on your kids all the time.


2. Go for RV Camping Instead of Tent Camping

Tent camping comes with a lot of challenges. For instance, finding a good spot to set up your tent, washing dishes on the ground, the risk of a wild animal attack, and adverse weather conditions. This experience may be too much for your kids and spoil their first family camping trip.

To avoid these disappointments, consider renting or buying an RV for your camping trip. Most RVs have HVAC systems installed and are well insulated to protect your family from bad weather and cold. Even better, RVs come with amenities such as kitchen sinks, bathrooms, laundry spaces, and more to make your life much easier. You get the convenience of a home away from home. There are a lot of RVs for sale and RV rentals in Quebec.


3. Pack Your Items in Clear Tubs for Easy Organization

Organizing your supplies in labeled clear tubs before hitting the road will help you find things easily and stay organized at the family campgrounds. You can have large organization bins for foods, snacks, kitchen supplies, bathroom items, toys, and laundry. Put back the bins after use to stay organized.


4. Carry Adequate Lighting Camping Equipment

One of the things that many first-time camping parents forget is that camping is really dark. So, make sure you have adequate flashlights and kid-friendly lanterns to provide you with enough light all through the camping nights. If you’re going to read bedtime stories, headlamps can come in handy.


5. Set-Up a Handwashing Station

When camping, kids will want to explore the great outdoors. Unfortunately, this may mean touching a lot of dirt, which can lead to food poisoning.

So, if your campsite doesn’t have a designated handwashing spot, ensure you set up your own station. Carry enough water, hand soap, dishrags, and washcloths to help scrub off the dirt.


6. Test Your Camping Gear

If it’s your first camping trip, we recommend you do a dummy run at home before the trip. This will help you figure out what you may be missing (such as an extra pack of batteries). Nobody wants to run out of gas when making BBQ at 9 PM, so make sure you have enough camping supplies to last you through the camping trip. Test all items and ensure they’re working properly.



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