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How to Maximize Your Camping Season


How to Maximize Your Camping Season

How to Maximize Your Camping Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…no not Christmas…camping season!

Camping can be a fun family vacation that can be very cost-effective while also providing a lot of fun and laughs for the whole crew. There are so many different activities and so much outdoor recreation that can be explored on a campground and doing it together as a family is what makes it even better.

In order to fully maximize your camping experience with your family and friends, here are a few tips and tricks to remember when venturing into the wild this summer season.

Always Come Prepared

As soon as you pull up to that family campground location, you are almost always locked into your spot for the next few days or so – which is why it is crucial to always come prepared. A family camping trip is so much more fun with an abundance of snacks and games – which should all be included on your packing list before you leave the house. Remote locations where camping usually takes place don’t typically have easy access to stores and other convenient locations. 

Bring Bug Repellent

If it’s the summertime and you’re in the middle of the woods camping, you better believe there is going to be bugs. Although typically harmless, you are going to want to bring some bug repellent to help fight those nasty mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies that might decide to nibble on you and your family.
Trust us on this one, it’ll be much more fun without itchy legs!

Prepare Food Ahead of Time

While you’re busy having fun biking, running, swimming and whatever else you might be doing on your family camping vacation, you’re not going to have time to think too much about food; but with all that activity you sure will be hungry. That’s why it’s a good idea to cook casseroles, and other pre-prepared dishes before the trip and then you can easily pop them into your oven or over the campfire to cook while you continue enjoying yourself at the family campground. 

Pack an Extra Pair of Shoes

This might seem trivial, but it’s important to pack an extra pair of shoes for the camping trip just in case something happens. If you get caught in a large rainstorm or step through some thick, sticky mud that gets caked into your shoes, you are going to be glad to have an extra pair of shoes to pop on your feet for the rest of the trip. 

Invest in an RV for Sale

If you really want to maximize the fun of a family camping vacation, invest in an RV and turn your camping into “glamping” rather. At Leisure Days Gatineau in Hulls & Buckingham you can buy a brand new RV for sale or even bring a trade-in and camp like a pro this summer. Check them out and talk to the very knowledgeable sales professionals today for an estimate and truly maximize the experience of camping. 

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