Are you looking for an RV for your family vacation?

LeisureDays is the perfect place to rent an RV. Whether it is for the rental of a travel trailer, hybrid trailer or tent trailer.

With a team of experts, we are the RV destination in Outaouais. We offer impeccable and perfect service for your family vacation. At LeisureDays, we take care to thoroughly inspect the units before departure so that you have a worry-free vacation.

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Online rental service

We offer our rental service through the Wheelbase Pro platform. This allows us to offer a rental completely online. The only trip to be made is at the time of departure with the rental vehicle.

When you are in store, an expert will walk around the trailer with you to make sure you are comfortable with all the components of the rental unit.

Please note that you must bring your driver’s license with you upon departure.

The minimum is 3 nights for a reservation. If you have questions, contact us by email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Travel trailer, Fifth-Wheel and RV rental

We know that vacationers have varied tastes. That’s why we offer many rental options. In addition to tent trailers and large RVs, we offer van, trailer and smaller RV rentals. Our small RV and van rentals are excellent for solo travelers or small groups who don’t need as much space or amenities. Our caravan rentals are a low cost and easy option for traveling without a large car.

We can accommodate any rental request. Start planning your trip to Gatineau today by checking out our rental options!

Travel trailer, Fifth-Wheel and RV rental prices

We have rental solutions for every budget and taste at affordable prices. Budget tent trailer rentals start at $100 per day. Small groups will appreciate the comfortable sleeping space, dinette and other amenities of these vehicles. We also rent larger recreational vehicles with all the necessary equipment. We offer competitive pricing and exceptional value to all our customers.
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