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Top 5 Advantages of Selling Your RV to a Dealer


Top 5 Advantages of Selling Your RV to a Dealer

Top 5 Advantages of Selling Your RV to a Dealer

RV purchases are expected to rise this year, since it is one of the safest ways to vacation during the pandemic. Family campgrounds are prepared to take on the RV influx, and these potential campers look to dealerships for their new home-on-wheels. If you’ve decided it’s time to sell your RV to a lucky family, here are the reasons why going through a dealer has the best advantages.

1. Enjoy a Faster and Easier Process

Dealers are in the RV business, so the transaction process will be much faster. Experienced dealers know how to estimate the value of your RV and will have the money to pay you right away. By not having to wait for a buyer planning a family camping vacation to be interested, you can save time and energy. 

Buyers are also more likely to trust a dealer when purchasing RVs, especially with the rise of scams. The Better Business Bureau reported that the Canadian Antifraud Centre received 1386 complaints regarding vehicle sale scams from 2017 to July 2020, leading to a loss of nearly three million dollars. So, instead of trying to sell to wary private buyers, selling to a dealer can be much easier. 

2. Have Clarity on the Value of Your RV for Sale

Dealers can help you get a fair price on your RV sale. They are experienced with the RV market and understand exactly how much your vehicle is worth. Dealers are less likely to low-ball you for a price that undervalues your RV. Getting an estimate for your RV model, year, and mileage is also as easy as contacting them or filling a form on the dealership’s website. At LeisureDays Gatineau, we aim to provide quality services in an environment of integrity. You can rest assured you are getting top dollar for your RV.

3. Choose the Option to Sell Through Consignment

Instead of selling directly to a dealer, you can also choose to sell through them. This means the dealer will post your RV on their website. This can be beneficial since dealers will aim to sell your RV fast, and they have the systems in place to accomplish this. Suppose a buyer who needs financing is interested. In that case, you can also consider selling to them, since dealers can help manage financing options for the sale.

You also don’t have to worry about marketing your RV because you will have access to the dealer’s network and marketing programmes. Established dealers already engage with buyers who enjoy camping, use RVs for their vacations, or want to start the RV lifestyle. 

4. Get Help With Complicated Paperwork

Dealers will have an efficient system to process purchases, including helping with complicated paperwork that must be processed during a sale. For example, suppose you still make payments on your RV. In that case, a dealer has staff experienced with loan payment and ownership transfers. They also understand the process of bank payoff and title work requirements. This can make your RV sale go much smoother than if you try to sell it yourself to a private buyer.

5. Avoid Issues That Come With Private Sales

Selling your RV to a private party comes with multiple issues that can be avoided when you go directly to a dealership. With a private sale, it can take longer to sell the vehicle, depending on how you price and promote it. The need to invite strangers to your house to test the RV also increases the risk of an unexpected crime or wasted time from cancelled appointments – a risk that’s avoided when you sell to a dealership.

Choosing to sell privately also requires you to separate scam offers from genuine ones. You may have to conduct your own background checks of buyers. If for some reason your RV has problems after the sale, a private customer may also take legal action. Going to a dealer can avoid lawsuit headaches. You can also take advantage of trade-in tax savings when you sell to a dealer to upgrade to a different RV.

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