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Why This is the Year to Trade in Your RV


Why This is the Year to Trade in Your RV

Why This is the Year to Trade in Your RV

With COVID-19 precautions still in place, RV trips are among the safest ways to travel this year. 

The competitive market makes this year ideal for getting the most value for your trade-in. Make the most of your long-distance vacation or family camping plans by upgrading your home-on-wheels with improved amenities. Read on to learn more.

Get the Best Upgrades Available

Constantly having to do repairs on your old RV can be costly. A trade-in can save you money and get you additional upgrades. Each year RVs improve, with more features to choose from and customize. For example, you can purchase RVs with floorplans that include a booth dinette, bunk room, fireplace, Murphy bed, loft, patio deck, or kitchen island. 

If your family is growing, you can trade in your RV for one that has additional bedrooms or space to store outdoor gear in a rear garage. For those with children leaving the nest, try downsizing to a couple’s coach that still features necessary top-end amenities. Browse LeisureDays Gatineau’s inventory today for all these options and more.

Vacation Safely During the Pandemic 

With an RV, you can plan your family camping trip without staying at hotels or eating in restaurants, since you will have your kitchen- and bedroom-on-wheels with you. RVs allow you to enjoy pandemic-safe activities on your family vacation. Examples include wildlife watching, hiking, mountain biking, and water activities such as kayaking, paddling, and canoeing. 

Family campgrounds also make it easy to be socially distanced. During COVID-19, regulations require travellers to be self-sufficient, so an RV is crucial for an enjoyable trip. The Parks Canada website allows you to make reservations for camping trips in 2021. Reservations for the following campgrounds or hiking spots will launch on April 21st, 2021:

  • Cap-Bon-Ami for June 18th to September 5th trips
  • Des-Rosiers for May 28th to October 10th trips
  • Backcountry Camping for May 28th to October 10th trips
  • Petit-Gaspé for June 30th to October 10th trips

Work from Home on the Road

With the COVID-19 pandemic requiring so many people to work from home, staying in one place can be boring. A trade-in can ensure you have a floor plan with the right office space so you can easily take your work with you. An RV is the best way to pack up your laptop and change the scenery while working remotely.

You also don’t have to worry about being unplugged. Multiple technological advances help you stay connected on the road. For example, RV parks and campgrounds are improving their internet services. Portable devices such as Wi-Fi boosters and cell signal boosters also eliminate the issues of being too far from a signal. These devices capture the Wi-Fi or cell signals outside and amplify them throughout the RV so you can have reliable access.


Find Competitive Prices in a Buyer’s Market

From 2013 to 2019, sales of recreational vehicles in Canada increased by over 2 billion dollars. With many families seeking safe ways to vacation this year, RV purchases are expected to continue to increase. This improvement in the market means competition is high, and RV prices will remain stable, making it a great time to upgrade your vehicle. Trading your RV with a dealer can also unlock special deals. 

At LeisureDays Gatineau, we have special promotions and offer dependable financing options for your needs. 

New and Used RVs Available in Quebec

Have you decided it’s time to upgrade your RV experience with a new vehicle that’s better suited for your vacation needs? Let LeisureDays Gatineau RV Centre help you. We have both new and used RVs available for your trade-in options and multiple types of RVs for sale. So whether it’s state-of-the-art motorhomes or reliable travel trailers, come find your next home-on-wheels.

Starting the trade-in process with us is as easy as completing our online form. For more information, you can also contact us today.

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