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Leisure Vehicle Financing: Everything You Need to Know


Leisure Vehicle Financing: Everything You Need to Know

Short and long-term financing can seem daunting, especially when it comes to financing a leisure vehicle like a trailer. Whether you’re considering weekend getaways or a full-time nomadic life, purchasing a trailer can be an exciting step. In this article, we explore the different financing options available and everything you need to know on the subject.

Financing Options for Trailer Purchase:

Offered Terms: Obtain financing for a period of 6 to 240 months, equivalent to a maximum of 20 years, for new RVs. For used RVs, subtract the vehicle’s age from the initial 20-year financing period to determine the maximum financing duration.

Dealer Financing: Benefit from an open loan with no penalties and access life insurance and loss of employment and disability insurance options.

Personal Loan: Obtain a loan from banks, credit unions, or online lenders for increased flexibility in fund utilization. However, interest rates may be higher compared to dealer financed loans.

Use of Personal Savings: If you’ve saved up for the purchase of a trailer, use your savings to avoid interest and immediately own your property. However, make sure it doesn’t affect your emergency finances or other long-term financial goals.

Second Chance Credit: Even with a history of difficult credit, our credit application process is easy, quick, and confidential. Our financing experts are here to assist you without judgment. LeisureDays RV center offers you a 2nd chance at credit, made with reputable lenders.

Additional Offers:

In addition to financing services, LeisureDays offers supplementary offers for total peace of mind:

Insurance Protection and Extended Warranty: With Industriel Alliance, benefit from insurance protection and extended warranties to avoid unexpected costs related to repairs.

Diamond Kote Aesthetic Protection Program: Protect your vehicle from fading, oxidation, exterior and interior damage, as well as rust and corrosion.


At LeisureDays, we are committed to making the purchase of your trailer as simple as possible. With our flexible financing options and additional offers, we accompany you at every step of your adventure. Fill out our online form or visit us in-store for more information. Meet our financing specialists in complete confidentiality and get ready to experience the trailer life with peace of mind. Bon voyage!