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Car Camping: Tips for a Cheap, Safe & Comfortable Night 

If you’re looking for an affordable, comfortable camping experience, car camping may be the perfect option for you. You can go pretty much anywhere you want, and you don’t have to worry about carrying all your gear with you. Even if you save money on plane tickets by driving to your destination, hotel stays can … Continued

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Top 5 RV Camping Apps For Your Next Trip

Planning a camping trip can be daunting, especially if you’re trying to do it on your own. There are so many factors to consider, from where you’re going to camp to what you’re going to bring with you. That’s why we have compiled a list of five great RV camping resources that will help make … Continued

Cocktails of the month

Summer has just started! The camping season has already begun and it’s time to prepare to receive friends. Here is a top 6 of fresh, delicious and colorful cocktails. This is our first cocktail blog for this year, we want to do more. That’s why we invite you to send us cocktail recipes that you … Continued

What makes an RV Built for Off-Road?

Some travelers may find it stressful to travel off the beaten path. However, traveling to isolated destinations in the middle of nature doesn’t have to be so worrying. Nowadays, many RVs are built for off-road adventures. In fact, it is now much easier for outdoor enthusiasts to overcome their anxiety and replace it with positive emotions and definitely good memories.

How to transform your RV into the perfect adventure sports base camp?

Which RV Should You Pick ? How to setup your RV ? Prepare for the Future, Be Smart, and Take Some Risks. How To find the best location for an adventure ? Whether you’re an experienced camper looking for a new challenge, or a first-timer just trying to figure out what to bring, this guide … Continued

10 camping tips that will transform your trips

Are you planning to go camping in your RV this summer? If so, take note of these 10 tips that will help transform your trips. From planning your trip to packing the right gear, these tips will help make your camping experience a great one. Take the road to vacation with peace of mind and … Continued

Fifth Wheel Camper vs. Travel Trailer: What’s the Difference?

Fifth Wheel Camper vs. Travel Trailer: What’s the Difference? So, you’re all geared up for this year’s family vacation, and you decide that you want to invest in family camping trips this year, and for years to come. The next logical step is purchasing a camper or RV for your camping vacations. When researching different … Continued

How to Maximize Your Camping Season

How to Maximize Your Camping Season It’s the most wonderful time of the year…no not Christmas…camping season! Camping can be a fun family vacation that can be very cost-effective while also providing a lot of fun and laughs for the whole crew. There are so many different activities and so much outdoor recreation that can … Continued

5 Unforgettable RV Trips to Take This Summer

5 Unforgettable RV Trips to Take This Summer The weather is finally starting to shift towards consistently warm days. Take advantage of all that sun with these 5 unforgettable RV trips to do this summer. Murphy’s Camping on the Ocean What pairs better with summer than the ocean? Murphy’s Camping on the Ocean will give … Continued

7 Excellent Ways to Customize Your RV’s Interior

7 Excellent Ways to Customize Your RV’s Interior  Your RV is your home away from home while camping – time to make it your own with these 7 excellent ways to customize your RV’s interior.   1. Upgrade your Kitchen Counters and Walls The first thing you see when you walk through the door of … Continued

10 Reasons Why Our Team Loves Camping

10 Reasons Why Our Team Loves Camping Camping comes in many forms – tent camping, cabin camping, RV camping, or sleeping under the stars. No matter which way you camp, you’ll find the same great benefits. Here are 10 reasons why our team loves camping. 1. It Allows You to Explore New Places Camping gives … Continued

Accessories You Need for an RV Road Trip

Accessories You Need for an RV Road Trip RVs come packed with equipment designed to make your next vacation fun and memorable. Here are a few accessories you need for an RV road trip that will add more comfort and reliability. Navigational Tools for Finding Your Way Around For a fun family camping experience, you … Continued

5 Unforgettable BBQ Recipes for a Great Evening Camping

5 Unforgettable BBQ Recipes for a Great Evening Camping Grilling around the fire is just one of the many great experiences of a camping trip. Here are 5 delicious BBQ recipes for a great evening while camping. 1. Grilled Steak Kebabs with Your Favorite Veggies This meal is a classic BBQ recipe and an effective … Continued

5 RV Driving Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

5 RV Driving Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents Driving an RV uses a completely different mindset than driving a regular vehicle. Before heading out to your favorite family campground, review these 5 RV driving safety tips to avoid accidents. 1. Check Your Vehicle Before You Hit the Road RV safety starts before you even get … Continued

Top 5 Advantages of Selling Your RV to a Dealer

Top 5 Advantages of Selling Your RV to a Dealer RV purchases are expected to rise this year, since it is one of the safest ways to vacation during the pandemic. Family campgrounds are prepared to take on the RV influx, and these potential campers look to dealerships for their new home-on-wheels. If you’ve decided … Continued

Why This is the Year to Trade in Your RV

Why This is the Year to Trade in Your RV With COVID-19 precautions still in place, RV trips are among the safest ways to travel this year.  The competitive market makes this year ideal for getting the most value for your trade-in. Make the most of your long-distance vacation or family camping plans by upgrading … Continued

What Should You Know About RV Camping in the Fall?

What Should You Know About RV Camping in the Fall? Has summer quickly drifted away, and you haven’t explored the great outdoors yet? Family camping in the fall is a great way of engaging in outdoor activities during the colder months. With the crisp breeze, warm sunshine, and the beautiful medley of fall colors, autumn … Continued

5 RV Organizational Tips for Your Next Camping Trip

How to Stay Organized in Your RV in 5 Easy Tips When planning for a family RV camping, do you ever feel like you have more stuff than your space can handle? Even though most RVs are comfortable, space still comes at a premium. With the limited space, it can be difficult to fit your … Continued

5 Quick and Delicious Camping Meals You Should Try

Out Camping? Here are 5 Easy Camping Recipes to Try Family camping has a way of turning routine activities into fun things that you get to do outside. Keep your campers happy and full with kid-friendly, familiar recipes while you’re off the grid. For convenience, camping meals should be easy to travel with and can … Continued

Camping with Kids 101: What You Need to Know

How to Prepare Your First Camping Trip with Your Kids If you’re a new camper or a new parent, then just the thought of camping with your kids is daunting. You have to pack adequately for emergencies, your sleep pattern may change, and you may have to work with limited supplies and amenities. But even … Continued

What to Do for Fun When RV Camping

10 Outdoors Activities to Do While RV Camping You’ve just bought your RV or rented one, and are ready to hit the road. But before that, ensure you have everything in place to make your vacation a success. One of the main things that many campers forget is planning out their outdoor activities. We’ve compiled … Continued

5 Games to Play on Your Next Family Camping Trip

5 Ideas of Great Camping Games Without proper planning, your camping trip can be quite boring. It’s, therefore, crucial to have a to-do list before you hit the road. Besides exploring the great outdoors, you can also engage your family in some fun camping games to keep everyone active and happy all through the trip. … Continued

5 Must-Have RV Accessories for Your First RV Camping

Top 5 Accessories You Need for Your First Camping Trip in Your RV For most people, convenience and utmost comfort are the main motivations behind RVing. But while purchasing an RV can help you save a lot on your camping trips or any other kind of travel, you can easily find yourself spending on fancy … Continued

Why Plan a Family Camping Vacation?

5 Reasons Why We Love RV Camping Thinking of camping the stress-free way? The first thing that’ll probably come to your mind is cruising the open road with a trailer fitted with all kinds of amenities. RV camping is fun because you get to experience the countryside conveniently without sacrificing on comfort. Therefore, for your … Continued

Inspecting Your RV for a Summer Camping Vacation

How to Get Your RV Ready for This Summer When summer starts, you and your family might be ready to hit the open road, but can the same be said about your RV? Unless you’re an RV full-timer, chances are you had stowed away your RV for the winter. Lots of things can go wrong … Continued

5 Family Camping Resorts in Quebec You’ll Love

Top 5 Campgrounds in Quebec for your First RV Adventure as a Family Are you planning for your first RV family adventure in Quebec? Looking for the best spots in the province? Quebec offers unique and enchanting wonderlands, picturesque landscapes, and distinct attractions. But you can’t go family camping just anywhere. There are numerous family-friendly … Continued

Check Out These 6 Golden Tips Before Buying an RV

6 Best Tips to Buy the Perfect RV for You Are you looking for fun, freedom, and flexibility on your family camping trip? Investing in an RV may just be the right decision for you. An RV gives you the freedom to hit the road at any time while enjoying the comfort of home. However, … Continued

7 First-Time RV Rental Tips You Need to Know

Renting an RV for the First Time? What You Need To Know Renting an RV combines adventure and convenience like no other type of travel. You get to take in the breathtaking sights of landscapes while enjoying the comfort of home. Even better, you don’t have to commit to the responsibilities of owning or purchasing … Continued

How Do You Choose the Best Insurance for Your RV?

3 Tips for Choosing the best RV insurance Whether you’re looking to use your recreational vehicle for the occasional road trip or as a full-time residence, you need to get it insured. From theft cases to accidents and breakdowns, a lot can go wrong when using an RV. You need the appropriate coverage to ensure … Continued