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What is the cost of renting an RV?


What is the cost of renting an RV?

RV road trips are fantastic for exploring new places and making memories. To keep within budget, you must know the cost of renting an RV before hitting the road. The size, kind, age, rental period, and season affect RV rental prices. We’ll cover everything you need to budget and maximize your RV rental experience in this guide.

Types of RVs to rent

Renting an RV depends mostly on its type. Due to their size and luxury, Class A motorhomes are the most expensive to rent. Class B and C RVs are smaller and cheaper. Travel trailers and camper vans are also affordable alternatives to motorhomes.

RV models, ages, and conditions affect rental prices. Newer models with advanced features and technologies may cost more to rent. Summer and vacation seasons cost more than off-seasons.

Insurance, mileage, and cleaning can rapidly add costly, so include them in your budget. By recognizing these variables and choosing the correct RV, you can maximize your RV rental experience and stay under budget. 

Let’s look at two popular options!

RV Class B rental

Class B RVs are perfect for lone or budget-minded couples. For budget-minded road trippers, these tiny cars start at $1,000 to $1,500 per week.

Remember that insurance, mileage, and cleaning fees may apply. To budget and avoid surprises, ask your rental provider about any hidden fees or additional expenditures.

Class B RVs have a kitchenette, restroom, and sleeping area, making them pleasant despite their modest size. For beginners or those exploring rural places, these RVs are easy to manoeuvre and park.

Class B RVs offer budget-friendly and flexible travel. Ask your rental provider about additional fees and carefully analyze your needs to choose the suitable RV for your trip.

Others RV Class

  • Class A RVs cost at least $2,000 a week and can accommodate up to five people. Class C trailers are cheaper, housing 5-7 people and measuring 24-31 feet.
  • Class C RVs start at $1,100 per week in high season and can reach $1,900 in summer. When renting an RV, it’s important to consider your needs and budget because the cost depends on the vehicle, rental duration, and season.

Travel trailer rental

Travel trailer rentals may be a good budget RV option. Trailer rentals can start at $800 a week, depending on kind and size. However, insurance, mileage, and cleaning may not be included in the rental price. Ask the rental provider about additional fees to avoid surprises.

Towing capacity is also important when renting a travel trailer. Before renting, make sure your vehicle can safely tow the trailer. Failure to do so may harm your vehicle, trailer, or both, delaying and costing you.

When you want to reserve an RV

Imagine organizing a memorable road vacation with family and friends. RV rentals match your budget and comfort needs. However, RV rental prices are more complicated than you thought. When you reserve your RV affects the pricing. To plan your trip, you must understand how reservation scheduling affects rental rates. We’ll discuss how the season affects RV rental prices and offer some money-saving recommendations in the following sections.

The season

Season affects RV rental prices. RV rental fees vary due to seasonal demand. RV rental rates are higher in summer due to strong demand. Since RV demand is lower in the off-season, you may find better deals. It’s important to remember that RV rental seasonality varies by location, so it’s best to investigate the local market to understand pricing.

The destination for your RV reservation

When renting an RV, consider fuel, maintenance, and rental fees. Travelling distance can affect these prices. Fuel and RV wear increase with distance. Long-distance rental costs may also apply. Longer trips can save more. If you plan a longer journey, weekly or monthly rental rates may be less than daily rentals. This article discusses how distance affects RV rental costs and offers strategies for saving money on your RV road trip.

Factor in your mileage

Excess mileage fees may apply to rental cars. These rates vary by rental company, RV model, and rental time. Some dealerships give unlimited mileage, while others charge per mile over a limit. 

When renting an RV for a long trip, consider mileage costs. Driving more miles increases gasoline costs. Rent an RV with unlimited mileage or a firm with a high mileage restriction to economize on mileage expenses. To reduce mileage, plan your trip ahead of time. 

Some rental businesses ask you to return the RV with a full tank of petrol. If not, you may be charged extra. Before returning the RV, fill the gas tank to avoid this fee. 

RV rental mileage is crucial. Consider the rental company’s mileage policy.

Don’t Forget Gas

Gas is a major cost of RV adventures. Location, season, and RV type affect gasoline prices. When budgeting for your trip, remember that the larger the RV, the more fuel you will need. 

Fuel requirements also depend on distance. Long-distance trips require more petrol. In high-gas-price places, gas can add up rapidly. 

Avoid backtracking and lengthier travels by arranging your itinerary in advance to save petrol. Use apps to find the cheapest gas stations on your trip. Driving steadily and avoiding sudden acceleration will also enhance your RV’s fuel efficiency. 

Gas is a significant part of your travel budget, even though it doesn’t directly affect your RV rental charge. Planning and budgeting might help you save on fuel and enjoy your RV trip.

Other costs to consider in your rental budget

Other minor factors can quickly add up and affect your budget. Insurance and deposits are important. Any rental requires a security deposit to cover damages or accidents. Insurance costs, which vary by coverage, must also be considered. These seemingly simple details can greatly affect the expense of an RV journey. Reservation terms are another consideration. Before booking, check if the rental company charges for cancellations or changes. By paying attention to these small factors, you may better plan your RV excursion and stay under budget.

Insurance and deposit

Most rental businesses charge a deposit to protect against travel damages. The rental business and RV type determine the deposit amount. Insurance costs vary by coverage level. Some rental companies just cover RV damage, while others cover liability and personal injury. It’s crucial to thoroughly consider your options and choose the coverage that meets your needs and budget. 

Sometimes, like at Leisure Days, “liability insurance is included in the base rental fee with full coverage but subject to a deductible of $2,500.00 payable by the renter.”

Terms of reservation

RV rental conditions are another consideration. If you need to change your trip arrangements, some rental firms charge cancellation or modification fees, which can affect your budget. If you only need the RV for a short time, some rental firms require a minimum rental length, which can increase your costs. Reviewing your reservation terms and any fees or restrictions is crucial. Doing so prevents unexpected expenditures and keeps your RV trip under budget. For the best rates and availability, book early.

Tips for a cheap RV rental in Canada

Like we just said, RV rentals, like other travel fees, may mount up. Good news: RV rental ideas can save you money. This post will discuss strategies to save on RV rentals without losing comfort or convenience. If you want to maximize your road trip budget, read on!

  1. Plan your RV road trip in advance

Planning ahead can lower your RV rental cost. Book early for more selections and early bird pricing. More time to compare rates and discover the best offers. Planning ahead might also save you gas and avoid toll roads. Find campgrounds with free or low-cost overnight parking to save on lodging. You can save money on your RV rental by planning your trip.

  1. Compare promotions

Some companies offer off-season discounts or last-minute deals to fill unrented spots. Check the rental company’s website or social media for promotions. These incentives can lower your RV rental cost and make your trip cheaper.


What type of permit do I need to rent an RV in Canada?

To rent an RV in Canada, all you need is a valid driver’s license from your home country.

When should I reserve my RV?

If you wish to rent an RV in July or August during peak tourist season, you should arrange at least six months in advance. RV rentals are popular in summer because visitors want to hit the road and discover nature. By booking early, you can get the RV you want and avoid losing out on the perfect holiday. During peak season, book your RV rental early for a family road trip or romantic retreat. Plan ahead for a stress-free, wonderful trip.

When should I travel in an RV in Canada?

The best time to experience Canada’s breathtaking landscapes is between mid-May and mid-October in an RV. Many tourist attractions and campsites are closed outside of RV rental season. To maximize your RV vacation in Canada, plan for early July to mid-August.

Can I cancel my reservation without charge?

It depends on your rental company. Always look it up with them. 

When do I get my deposit back? 

In fact, the deposit is often deducted from the total rental amount.